by niels peter flint


The leifRIDER concept by Niels Peter Flint???

This is LEIFRIDER - take a life long ride with LEIFRIDER....till death you deport - see the video click here - or click here to read more.

You only die once

- about death and why we need to take it seriously  - click to read more

Micro Living & Eternal Transformation

  1. -about why we need Conscious Holistic Hedonistic projects

The leifRIDER cabinet

  1. -about the furniture

The leifRIDER coffin

  1. -or do you need a coffin at all

The MERDE MAGIC splashings

- paintings designed to “ever-last transform” - see more by clicking here 

The once in a lifetime shirt

  1. -you only need it once...and then yet

The leifRIDER in a the MICRO MACRO HABITAT micro house

  1. -about why you need a leifRIDER cabinet when you live micro - and about micro living in general click here please.

The leifRIDER sustainable experience

- about hemp and other amazing materials from which you can make your own leifRIDER



the leifRIDER


the leifRIDER



The leifRIDER blog - coming later

  1. -your points of views and ideas on this concept - tell me more - write

The leifRIDER merchandise

  1. -you want to buy a leifRIDER - yes its possible - contact me

  2. -you want to buy a MERDE MAGIC splash - have a look click here - anything you like contact me and we find a way

  3. -you want to buy a ONCE IN A LIFEtime SHIRT - you can order

  4. -you want to buy a MICRO MACRO HABITAT VILLAGE - more about this soon, but have a look at an old project, new one is on the way - click here to see the last one

  5. -you want to buy a lecture or workshop with Niels Peter Flint - feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities, but click here as well

Write to me if you want to shop or comment: npflint@gmail.com

The leifRIDER DIY sustainable experience

- about how you can do a leifRIDER or something similar yourself - and why its important you at least think about it....

You want to follow leifRIDER

- coming later

Coming leifRIDER, micro living & other npflint activities

- coming later


once in a lifetime shirt”