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Niels Peter Flint

Artist, conceptual designer, architect & Sustainable Vision Developer

- a bit about Niels Peter Flint

NPF has done many things in the field of sustainability, design, art and architecture which you can read much more about at this site

He started his career working with Ettore Sottsass in Milan, Italy. Then started the O2 Global network for designers dealing with sustainability. 

Today he works mostly out of his place in France on an old watermill he calls Micro Macro Monde which is a 150 km south west of Paris close to La Ferte Bernard. He also works in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Paris, France that is when he is not traveling giving lectures, doing workshops, doing exhibitions, making new project concepts etc. internationally.

NPF also calls himself a Sustainable Vision Developer - which means he supports whoever needs help to create sustainable visions - on how to create new preferably RADICAL SUSTAINABLE and very INNOVATIVE visions for anything from the issues of dealing with plastic bottles (see for example the SIDEL video called REUSE & RECYCLING), the design and  implementation of compost toilets to making new concepts for sustainable cities or literally anything else where he can use elements from his vast knowledge about how to create new radical sustainable and innovative concepts for a prosperous future.

NPF has worked for the past 27 years in this field and is a pioneer and world capacity on what some call sustainable design and architecture - NPF prefers to call what he does RADICAL SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION - a fusion of design, architecture, art and new and well as old technologies.

NPF is opening a new site called NPFlinTales which will be a Vlog (video blog) where he will post videos every day and once a week there will be a longer video on his perspectives and visions about the future. You can see the initial page here - a new one is on the way.

NPF is planning a major exhibit at his place Micro Macro Monde end August this year. There will be more about this event asap.

If you want to know more about NPF lecture / talk / workshop topics please click here

You are also invited to see NPF´s TEDx talk on You-tube or via the link here

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- new trends in design, art, architecture and technology

NPF talks generally about how and why we need to be far more radical in what we do if we want to create a truly sustainable world for us living here now and for future generations ideally forever.

There is a strong focus in NPF´s talks and workshops, on how the creative community in general and gloablly need to take responsibility and come up with sustainable innovative visionary solutions that really makes an impact. Solutions that profoundly caters the massive issues we have on the planet today such as over population  energy crisis (WONDERWORLDCOMPOdo could be part of the solution) etc. We are as creatives as well as humans in general facing the biggest and most exciting challenges of the century - maybe of human history and we can make incredible projects to change crisis to possibilities - new solutions that will change the world forever into the most amazing place, where nature and humans thrive in the ultimate collaboration and respect for each other.

1000Y - everything forever

This talk - and workshop - is specifically about what NPF calls 1000Y or “how to make it last forever. Modern LCA (Life Cycle Asseement / Cradle to Cradle etc.) is from NPFs point of view not enough if we want to create the ultimate and real sustainable solutions. Any company should ask itself - what do we leave for future generations - not just 7 generations ahead as many talk about but what effect does our products and services have at least a 1000 years ahead.

Can we do this ??? yes of course - should we do this .... YES even more of course. Not only will imagining 1000 years ahead improve your creative skills - it might also bring you new solutions, ideas, product or service concepts that you had not thought of before.

The 1000Y talk is most effective as part of a one day workshop where NPF take the actual company and its products and services and looks at them in a 1000 year perspectives together with the management, employees and others who might be relevant such as external consultants etc.  - the results can be many, but for sure you will “fly into the future”.

WORLDBY & the living stuctures of the future

Micro Living and WORLDBY are some of many solutions - and talks too. This specific talk will focus on how we will or could live in the future - it will take 2 paths - the extreme technological way or the more sustainable and nature orientated way - still understanding and worksing with very advanced technology - but with a different approach - the more humane or appropriate one.

You can see a video here about the project WORLDBY, a vision about how a living structure of the future could look like in not so distant a future.

MICRO LIVING (latest talk - see at the end)

Its actually very simple - and its true if you want it to with less matter possibly makes you more happy - and what more do you want in life. However we dont do it - we want more and bigger and more expensive and more fancy and more this and that. We have become so greedy for more matter that even we ourselves have to become “ginormous”.

Its time to start thinking and designing in new ways - micro macro monde is slowly becoming a live laboratory for micro living......these talk or tales are  about other ways of living.....where less matter will give you a better quality lifestyle....and yes you could even come and try  yourself - workshops could be organized at  Micro Macro Monde in France - contact me directly if you want  to be seduced to live more micro.......... I call it micro macro coaching...I will help you get new fuel on your real (sustainable & earthwise) goals.

You can also see NPFs TEDx talk about Micro Living by clicking here

And there is lots more about Micro Living if you click here.


(coming soon)

COMPODO PANELS” / “ETERNAL TRANSFORMATIONs 1” – wall hanging which compostable materials are put into. A fusion of a kind of painting / wall hanging that is alive – the project is currently in the process of being made. A series of these wall hangings will be in the room “ETERNAL TRANSFORMATIONs”


  1. -products, services & materials (COMING SOON)




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