Welcome to The Micro Macro Habitat ON-LINE Idea Catalogue 2013 – this is a compilation of presentations of on going  “WORK IN PROGRESS” - a way of trying to show anyone interested in the MMH project some of the vast possibilities the project proposes and also what it will be able to provide once being realized.


MMH – for modern nomads and everyone else


Micro Macro Habitat is en entirely new way of doing housing and micro communities – its ultra flexible & moveable, super comfortable, amazingly sustainable and not the least – probably very economical as well.

MMH is advanced technology at all levels – material as well as virtual

A Micro Macro Habitat community can be erected within days since everything is prefabricated either as elements or containers (customized or designed by the client on-line) and taken away again if the land needs to be used for other purposes OR if nature needs to rest – or if an MMH member or several wants to for example move their houses even to another part of the world – yes these first micro container houses are designed in such a way that they can be taken away and shipped on a regular container ship – anywhere in the world and at very low cost.

The MMH houses will be made from 2 main components – the first is shipping containers – the second but not the least is the digitally printed modules made from plywood.


MHH works with nature and the biosphere as a “partner”.


As a matter of fact nature will only benefit from having a Micro Macro Habitat Community – a very important part of any MMH project will be the way nature is being dealt with. In an MMH project nature is considered a partner and collaborator. In an MHH Community the notion waste does not really exist – everything will be reused and recycled in the community when it comes to organic matter – its actually the resource for the heat, electricity, rinsed water and super healthy compost and mulch produced by the MMH Bioreactor.

If an MMH community is moved – what will be left is thriving and extremely fertile land – read more about it here in the presentation.

MMH houses and communities are ultra flexible


In this presentation you will see sketches for different types of micro houses – some are designed for 2 persons all at 37 super flex m2 – there will later be smaller and bigger types of this specific type. As you will read more about the intention is 20 m2 under roof or personal space per person – however as you will also see MMH offers amazing flexibility so that in the summer you will have a much bigger house since you use your terraces, balconies etc. Please see more in the coming pages.




MMH global

The intention is that there will be many Micro Macro Habitats all over the world since everyone needs to see, feel and understand that living with less – and thus sharing with the many – does not need to mean you sacrifice – on the contrary – I hope that this Micro Macro Habitat presentation will show you that its possible to create amazing experiences and exceptional life quality – living with less, but performing more and better.

The benefit of having many MMH communities is also that by creating a powerful management and match tool – that all members have access to globally – it will be possible not just to swap houses, but also swap services, products etc. It will also be possible for people who wants to enter into a community to find the right one through the MMH MATCH on-line service.


MMH is Radical Sustainable Innovation


MMH will offer a wealth of new, very innovative and super cool possibilities for people who wants to be part of the solution and being that by living exceptional with less.


MMH PROduct program


MMH is also establishing a series of projects with companies and others who have ideas for products and services that can improve MMH. Please read more about this on the website mid March when the MMH PROduct program will be published. There are already projects on the way among others The MMH BIOreactor which you can read more about here in this presentation.


MMH – is also COcreation and sharing


Please feel free to go through the material and please also feel free to send any kind of comments, ideas or maybe connections to people who want to collaborate or who would be able to help realizing the first Micro Macro Habitat Com – the first MMH Community – somewhere on the planet. Right now the first two MMH communities will probably be in Denmark and France.


The on-line presentation catalogue offers initial sketches and ideas describing what it could all look like. The entire project is still just a concept, however its expected that the first micro container house will be ready as a mock-up this summer 2013.


More on the MMH blog = http://mmh.npflint.com/


You will be able to find even more material on the MMH blog website - http://mmh.npflint.com/ - and there you will also be able to sign up for newsletters etc. that will start coming here in 2014.

Niels Peter Flint

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Copenhagen April, 2013

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  1. -a concept for a micro bath/exercise and toilet unit where water is recycled & toilet paper is not needed - you wash and use bud-dryer - electricity made from bike.

  2. -Recycled water shower from Coram

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