micro living

Its actually very simple - and its true if you want it to be...living with less matter possibly makes you more happy - and what more do you want in life. However we dont do it - we want more and bigger and more expensive and more fancy and more this and that. We have become so greedy for more matter that even we ourselves have to become “ginormous”. Its time to start thinking and designing in new ways - micro macro monde is slowly becoming a live laboratory for micro living......the pages here are about another way of living.....where less matter will give you a better quality lifestyle....you wanna try - come to MMM land.... CLICK on the links below to be seduced to live more micro..........

micro living - living exceptional with less
“the micro living house”.the_micro_living_house.html
“the micro living book project”
“the micro living strawbale house project”http://livepage.apple.com/../Micro_Macro_Monde/The_building_of_first_ML_Strawbale_house.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
la biennale de “micro living”../Micro_Macro_Monde/La_Biennale_de_Micro_Living.html
“the micro living” WORKSHOPS1
TEKO, Herning,
“the micro living” WORKSHOPS2
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“the micro living” ESAD 
WORKSHOPS, Orleans, France 2010/11micro_living_ESAD_2010_11.html