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– on why I support a

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of PLASTICs if


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By Niels Peter Flint

Why do someone who has been working for more than 25 years with sustainability go into a collaboration with one of the worlds biggest manufacturers of machines to make PET plastic bottles – well the reason is rather simple. I cant see a world without plastic – and never really had. Having worked with Sidel making this movie you can see at the this page, I have realized that the industry really is starting to look very different at many of the issues they refused to even talk about more than 25 years ago when I started working with sustainability and design. At that time it was called ecological design since the term ”sustainability” had not really been introduced as a term in relation to environmental issues. So back then it was all about ”pollution prevention” and that was something about what came into the rivers and the air etc. – something that made us all sick.

Now we know a lot better and we have all most all realized that there are colossal issues and incredible challenges lying ahead of us in order to get us HOMO SAPIENS to live a life on this planet that respects and collaborate with the system or the Earth we live on and from. I think most of us have finally understood that resources are limited and yet in abundance if we manage to work with the planet and its enormous wealth. From my point of view and to my knowledge we have all the technologies, the resources and not least the knowledge to create a new and in many ways very different but far more comfortable, beautiful and of course not the least SUSTAINABLE world.

Of course its not at all going as fast as I would like it to, but its happening and Im seeing it everyday and every where – globally. Im sure we can come with new and super radical sustainable innovation solutions to all our big challenges - its hard but also extremely rewarding work.

So the reason why I start working with companies like Interface Flor and Sidel, whom I would not even have considered working with 25 years ago, is that I see them being part of the shift – I see a sincere interest in moving towards a sustainable future but I also see that a lot of help is needed which is why Im trying to on the other hand – again – to make courses, webinars etc. To help especially industry and business in general to come up with new solutions, but based on what we really need. The solutions of tomorrow will and I will all most have to say ”of course” ONLY work when we all collaborate – all of us, from miner, farmer, manufacturer, distributor and consumer.

We cant keep blaming each other – we are all most all in the same boat, utilizing the same commodities and living on the same planet where, should we call it ”extreme consumerism” is ruling the economy and the use of nature - well basically everything is ruled by totally unsustainable means.

Many things need to change but a very basic one that sounds very simple and yet it isnt – is REUSE WHEN POSSIBLE & RECYCLE ALWAYS.

Im working on making seminars, webinars and events on RADICAL SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION and a lot more - if you are interested please click here to see more. Or follow me on twitter or have a look here on from time to time. Or contact me via email or on skype (npflint1) or via phone on +45 36934843.

Kindest REUSE & RECYCLING regards

Niels Peter Flint

- and if you want to see some of the products Im making these

days out of old plastic bottles then please click on the image below: