REUSE when possible

RECYCLE always

  1. -the vases you see here are especially designed for weeds and made from reused PET bottles - pick your weed and put it on the table - its beautiful and shows you support the wild nature - stop buying flowers that are not organically the bees....

  2. -the vases will be sold here on-line as well as from the Gallery at Micro Macro Monde.

  3. -other products will be available soon such as the lamps seen in the Plastic Fantastic movie

  4. -specially designed products / installations made from primarily reused and recycled PET plastic packaging can also be ordered

  5. -the income of the sales of all products will be used for buying and planting trees at Micro Macro Monde

lamps for a WONDERful WORLD... love your world

  1. -the WONDERWORLD lamps are made from old disposable PET bottles which are “manipulated” and formed using fire. They are all completely unique and vary in size, color etc. They are made “on demand” and can be made in rather big sizes as well. Reg. prices please contact me directly on


vases for your your wild life....