I am trained as an architect, stage designer and designer. The past decades I have primarily been working as a designer, artist and sustainable vision developer - specialized in developing design, art and architectural concepts in the field of “Radical Sustainable Innovation” and “Micro Living”.

I saw more than 30 years ago that sustainability would become not only big in my own field “design” / “architecture” but it would hit the world and become the most important factor for the global paradigm shift which is going on now.

I do not only work with sustainability as a business - it is my passion and calling in life. I integrate sustainability in every move and step of my personal as well as professional life. My passion and engagement in sustainability has to be seen in a continuation of my artistic and design competencies - as well as in theatre and performance. I integrates the best of my creative mind, art practices and design methodologies in my work with hardcore sustainable business innovation as well as in development of new art projects.

I would say that I successfully integrate the best of the 3 worlds in a holistic approach to obtain innovative sustainable design and art projects and in some cases also create business for my clients. The one part does not work without the other.

I have been giving lectures all over the planet and also I have written numerous articles for various magazines in Denmark as well as abroad mainly on topics relating to design and sustainability.

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niels peter flint - art, design, sustainability