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virtuOus circles is a platform developed for creating networks cross borders, topics, diciplines, cultures and not the least opinions ABOUT how to create tomorrows radical sustainable innovation & innovisions - projects for a prosperous balanced future where every human and all of rest of the inhabitants on this planet thrives in mutual respectful partnerships.

If you want to join or go directly to virtuous circles then click below:

THE virtuOus circles GOAL:

  1. -To create a platform where forums for professionals will be available to get inspiration and experiment with new radical sustainable solutions for the future. Our finest and ultimate dream is to get everyone involved on the platform to work together in new exiting, radical, sustainable innovision projects - some just for inspiration and experimentation - others for real...

  2. -to support a virtuOus circles community consisting of the brightest, smartest, sexiest, funkiest, weirdest, sweetest, mindfull minds on earth

WHO´s behind virtuOus circles:

  1. -TINKUY & Sustainatwork are the initiators of this project

  2. -Micro Macro Monde & Niels Peter Flint do the Content Managing

WHO are the external PARTNERS & COLLABORATORS of virtuOus circles

- to be announced later

WHO sponsors virtuOus circles:

-to be announced later

WHAT will virtuOus circles do:

virtuOus circles ACTIVITIES:

  1. -The virtuOus circles WEBINARS on topics relating to projects the VC community would like to be promoted - we are planning the first webinar to be happening in first part of 2012

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  3. -The virtuOus circles LOUNGENARS - Our first LOUNGENAR (a new invention in the field of “edutainment” - a micro seminar from 16.00 to 18.00 - 18.00 to 20.00 “MINGLETAILS” in the Lounge you mingle, drink AND network - 19.30 to 22.00 virtuOus circles DINNER you eat, drink  and network - 22.00 to 02.00 virtuOus circles JAZZ - you dance and network. We are planning the first VC Loungenars to happen spring 2012.

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  5. -The virtuOus circles&MMM camps - we will invite smaller groups for exotic MICRO MACRO MONDE Camps at MMM.....

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  7. -FUTURE plans and ideas:

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  9. -The virtuOus circles ATELIERS - workshops designed for multi facetted forums

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  11. -The virtuOus circles consumers - how do “the whole world” take part and how do the pro´s interact and get feedback - forums where anyone can apply anything to a virtuOus circle project under development...

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  13. -The virtuOus circles WEBAZINE - we will be working on a new form of FUSION  of a regular magazine, pod casts and TV broadcasting..

  1. -The VIRTUOUS CIRCLE LABS - professional labs where new products are developed - a kind of SUSTAINABLE VISION REALIZATION CONSULTANCY - using new alternative means of payment LIKE:


What will the virtuOus circles topics be:

We have for now 3 SUPER CIRCLE TOPICS we would like to propose to VC users to get involved in. Later there will be a lot more possibly similar to what you see further down. But for now we start with these 3 projects - please click on the names below and you will go to the proper pages:

WONDERWORLDCOMPOdo - about the amazing resources in humans thats never used

WOODY - nature never asks

MICRO living - living extraordinary with less

Later we will take up the topics below if there is an interest - please let us know what you think about the following topics:


  1. -we need to get a new relationship to our materials. VC launches a new “material philosophy” called 1000Y - its the brainchild of NPF. Materials needs to be seen in very ling time perspectives - it requires new and advanced yet also very simple thinking and doing to develop the new material concepts for the future. With various industries as partners will VC host the discussions and possibly development of new material service concepts - possibly also the development of new materials - who knows.

  2. -the materials VC initially will take up are the following:

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    1. -THE SYNTHETICS - PLASTIC, CARBON FIBRE ETC. - our entire industrial world is almost build from plastic - we cant live without it and at the same time we have a very complicated relationship this wonder material.

    2. -

    3. -                        REUSE & RECYCLING of PLASTIC

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    6. -WOOD and NATURAL FIBRES - we might think that we have enough wood and other natural fibres - and it might also be that we have, but only if we administrate also our renewable resources better and more sustainably will there be enough resources considering we both need to feed ourselves as well as making materials, producing energy etc. Material production needs to be seen in a bigger and more holistic way and we need to create cross diciplanery projects where services fusions with materials and where entirely new concepts are introduced which will create totally new experiences for the manufacturer as well as consumers. Sustainable solutions with a focus on trees and how they are a very important part of our world of tomorrow.

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    9. -METALS and OTHER MATTERS that comes from the earth and exists in limited quantities:

      1. -RAREEARTH MINERALS - we are facing very big challenges since a number of minerals that we are using for essentials on the planet such as making Photo Voltaics from, are essentially also disappearing rapidly - whats the challenges we are facing here?


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    1. -We will see entire new ways of moving in the future. do we have a transport crisis - yes possibly now, but probably not in the future when we see what is being developed of new exiting technologies.

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  3. -NANO TECHNOLOGY - is one of the technologies that will possibly bring the biggest changes in tomorrows world. the possibilities are ginormous and the dangers are as immense as the possibilties. We will discuss, create and realize concepts for a world where nano is integrated responsibly.

and there is much more to come - for now join virtuous circles via this link ( yes it gives me VC´s ) or have a look at



- a new universal platform for developing radical sustainable innovation projects