The idea behind the WONDERWORLD-designs in general are that they are multimedia-multi-functional projects melting together various disciplines addressing issues extremely relevant to the challenges humanity is facing.

Its projects showing new ways to do a lot more with a lot less matter - its also called MICRO LIVING - The WONDERWORLD projects are experiments where we use LESS but increase our LIFE QUALITY at the same time. They are also co-creative and open source projects proposing positive solutions to the challenges Homo Sapiens are facing on Planet Earth today - projects that shows us the ridiculous ways we are consuming energy and matter in todays world.

The WWCdo is an example of what we can do to make life more fun, exiting, meaningful and not the least so much more efficient and economical. At the same time issues such as death, waste, feces and urine in particular are matters we don’t want to deal with in todays world – yet they are issues common and important to all of us on the planet. WWCdo in particular takes up the tabooed topic centered around the transformation of human feces and urine into new energy and materials / services.

The main goal with this specific WWCdo project is to create awareness around how energy can be created to everyone on the planet, if technologies we already have in hand, are used appropriately.

The WWCdo simply allows you to leave your feces and other organic waste in a kind of glasscubicle formed as a public toilet.

After having used the toilet and delivered your other waste a computer calculates your “input” to the system which is then converted into Cents and Euros. You can afterwards choose what you want to do with the money gained.

1.donate the money to a relevant project somewhere on the planet

2.transfer the money to your own account

3.use the energy you have created to make a “bio-gas firework” on top of the WWCdo building.

The WWCdo cubicle functions at the same time as a kind of light and information object in the city-scape. You can see the composting happening through the glasswalls mixed with projections on the glass about topics, images, poetic texts relating to a topic we all have to deal with – the eternal transformation of all matter.

The WWCdo project will be exhibited at ARS Electronica, Lintz, Austria Sep. 2nd to Sep. 11th - click here to go to ARS.

Niels Peter Flint August 2010

Photos: Mette Flint


-WWCdo a project that makes you know your own resources.....