vision woody2 - a golf training facility in japan, 1993



-the project was started as a collaboration between many. Vision Woody2 was a very brave initiative taken by Mr. Morishita of Morishita Inc. - a company that started in fishing nets and chemicals and gradually developed its business areas into golf training, since what do you do when you make the biggest trawls in the world and they get forbidden - as any innovative japanese you of course dont give up, but see new possibilities, hence golf training, since these centers, of which there are thousands in Japan, all are surrounded by net to avoid the golf balls to hit innocent by passers in the often densely populated towns where these centers are established.

You can read more about the project below.

Unfortunately the project was never realized due to the economic crisis which hit Japan in the 90´ties. The extremely innovative project could be done today and still be 10 years ahead of its time.


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