radical sustainable innovation


Whats the NPFC intention proposing Radical Sustainable Innovation?

In tomorrows world everything will not only have to become different it also has to – this basically due to the fact that if we want to have a sustainable world, most likely everything needs to be redeveloped and redesigned. RSI is about facing the pragmatic realities of tomorrows world where sustainable dreaming and facts meets appropriate technology and a world with challenges probably never seen before in history of homo sapiens.

The “no-waste” world

Working with RSI is really a fusion of design, art, architecture, technology and a profound and revitalized view on how nature is working. Its evident that we as humans need to get to terms with “nature”. In todays world we still see ourselves as “superior” and not “part of nature”. In tomorrows sustainable world we will start to comprehend and live with “nature” as a kind of “partner” in all we do. We cant keep pumping up oil and exploit “nature” the way we do, we have to collaborate, respect and understand that in the future possibly everything we use will come from plants and “natural processes” where the balance or equilibrium in “nature” is essential for intelligent use of resources. In tomorrows world the notion “waste” does not exist anymore - as it also does not exist in “nature”.

What kind of expertise and experience do NPFC offer?

NPFC can offer expertise on how to develop new visions and concrete products and services to facilitate what a shift to a more creative sustainable world will look like. I don’t work with substitution but innovation. So I am not just about making the recycling working in your company – expect the unknown – the new – expect creative and radical answers, BUT also economically sustainable and realistic models for what your business could look like if it was a lot more sustainable – eventually totally sustainable.

What will you as a company get out of working with us?

Innovation is not about well known final solutions. I will with collaborators tailor make a process for you and we will make sure that you not only will gain from it professionally. But maybe even more important, we will do our utmost to make sure you enjoy it too and that you as a human being personally get to understand what a tomorrows sustainable world is all about. I personally profoundly believe that you can not make the changes as a company if all of you do not FEEL what its all about. So through various methods and creativity I can guarantee that the company will prosper – if for no-one else then for the coming generations.