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  1. -on these pages you will find images of various projects in the making. I am currently working on a DESIGNSTALATION  as I call it, for an exhibition in Les Mans, France October 3rd and 4th 2009. The project is called WONDERWORLD. You can see images here from this project and from others as I will be developing more materials.

  2. -I am also working on making an exhibition at Micro Macro Monde this fall 2009, but more about that later.

  3. -all materials used for this specific project are all “left-overs” or in other words “waste”. The colors are gouache and natural paints from Aurora Natural Paint in Denmark

  4. -if you are interested in buying or want pieces for an exhibition please feel free to contact me - by e-mail or by phone 0045-36934843 or skype: npflint1.

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wonder world designstalation

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