Are you interested in really having new and radical concepts developed AND EXPOSED to fx. your employes, friends, collaborators it can be done by fx. making a “DESIGNSTALLATION” a real as well as also possibly a virtual “installation” - a kind of fusion between theatre, design, art / self expressionism, architecture and DEEP LIVING - made as a kind of exhibition / installation and possibly also with a virtual dimension related.

A “DESIGNSTALLATION” can be many things - but mainly is a kind of “getting attention” installation fx. on a fair. Or it could be a project established in the main hall or the canteen of the company to get employes to discuss the (sustainable) future of the company or organization - a very creative often interactive creation which will make you think - and hopefully act as well.


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The WONDERWORLD exhibition and DESIGNSTALLATION - Le Mans, October-November 2009.

The WONDERWORLD EARTHANAUT DEPARTURE LOUNGE, with Lars Lundbye Møller, Burningman, Nevada, US September 2009


The 2000 party - La Gomera 

Canary islands, Spain - COMING SOON

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