Today we design what we think we need. really its completely hopeless. We need to wake up and design all the stuff and services WE DONT KNOW WE NEED.

  1. -we dont need more new chairs - do we? we dont need more new lamps - do we? we dont need more new pots and pans - do we? we dont need more new toilets - or do we?? - well yes in some ways we do in other we dont. See a bit of furniture by clicking here.

  1. -If we need new toilets we need what we dont know we need namely toilets that does the work in completely different ways - we need to look into for example composting toilet systems - and you can see a lot more about by clicking here on the link for the WONDERWORLDCOMPODO project.

These pages are about my old as well as I guess some new designs, concepts and developments - namely showing examples of all the stuff and services and the fusions of the same - in often very unorthodox and sometimes very radical new concepts. I call its RADICAL SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION - RSI...and its all about making new visions for everything we do on this planet...make it smarter, more intelligent, more beautiful and not the least show how it can work over the next 1000 maybe 10.000 maybe 100.000 years....maybe even longer - we need to start thinking in a minimum of 1000 years cycles....AND we need to DRAMATICALLY start thinking oooout of all the boxes, pots and pans and toilets we have been thinking in and look at the world WITH ENTIRELY NEW EYES and MIND-SETS. We have to start designing all the stuff we dont know we need - or rather all the stuff we need in order TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE AS “HOMO HOLISTIC INTELLIGENCE SAPIENS” and not continue as HOMO STUPIDUS which is where we are now...

Im currently working on a small project to tell a story from my past - its called
The GREEN COTTON & O2 goes WILD story - its a major project I produced back in the 80´ties and was the first fashion show in the world showing GREEN COTTON and some organic cotton garments - produced by the now legendary NOVOTEX textile company from Denmark. The site is under development but you can see a glimpse by clicking here.

Niels Peter Flint - December 2015


Design is about envisioning and designing what we don´t know we need........