1. -what can you really expect from a human being who has all his professional life been engaged in developing projects around “the state of the planet” - what can one do seeing that probably the only way forward if we want to survive as Homo Sapiens is really to start making fusions of all the disciplines we work in - make it all “collaborate” - see what we have not seen before and make it happen - do new and “overall thinking and doing” projects.

  2. -EVERYTHING we have done till now needs, if you ask me, to be changed - and that certainly counts for our approach to and use of and work in what we still call “art”. Im committed to work on new concepts and projects that will show different solutions. Is it art ??? - I have NO idea....but I know its not design, its not architecture...well what is it then??

  3. -You will slowly find new projects here of mine - and the images on the page here represents old projects that I yes have a hard time to put into any “normal discipline drawer” - some is of course just painting, but all my work in this field is also connected to “bigger concept” which there will be much more about here asap....

Niels Peter Flint - January 2014

Links to various NPF ART projects:


- The MERDE MAGIC ART MONEY COLLECTION will be on exhibit at galleri-artexpo in Hørning close to Aarhus, Denmark. The exhibit will be open March 27th to May 9th. You can see the MERDE MAGIC ART MONEY COLLECTION here and read more about MERDE MAGIC here

leifRIDER - The cabinet for life & death

- the project is on exhibit in Oslo on DOGA from October 30th 2014 - the exhibition is called LEV VEL (LIVE WELL)

The MERDE MAGIC collections

  1. -MMC14 being developed right now - May 2014

  2. -MMC13 - from 2013


- under development


- exhibited at Burning Man, US


- exhibited at ARS Electronica in Lintz, Austria

PAINT-ON for INterface

- exhibited at Interface Events in London, Paris, Hannover, Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin


  1. -exhibited on: Sharjah Art Museum UAE, European Environment Agency Denmark,


Fusions in art, design and sustainable dreaming