Projekt ML&ET tager en kritisk vinkling og kommer samtidig også med konkrete radikale bud på en fremtid der blander kunst, design, arkitektur, filosofi og videnskab i en form for forum hvor teknologi, natur og holistiske visioner forenes i bæredygtige utopiske kunstneriske betragtninger.

Projekt ML&ET indeholder følgende:

- The ML&ET multimedia-book project

- en omrejsende international ML&ET EXPO

- et ML&ET website

  1. -en række eksperimenterende billeder, installationer og “ML&ET art-design products”




Project ML & ET takes a critical angle and coincides also with concrete radical suggestions on a GLOBAL future that blends art, design, architecture, philosophy and science in a kind of forum where technology, natural and holistic vision unites in sustainable utopian artistic considerations.

Project ML & ET includes the following:

- The ML & ET multimedia book project 

The book project is written initially by Niels Peter Flint. The project will gradually develop through the various expo´s that will happen in realtion to the project.

The book is a “pay-as-you-can-book (PAYCB)” – this means you pay what you can afford. There is initially only an on-line version. A printed and audio will be available later.

- A traveling international ML & ET EXPO

– the ML&ET EXPOés will happen in various cultures and will of course reflect this. The first expo will be in Dosso in Niger in Africa – more to come.

After Africa the ML&ET EXPO will go to various countries around the planet.

The start is planned to be the Dosso Culture Festival in Niger, Africa – happening from December 10th to December 18th  2014.

The intention is to build the more or less same exhibition in Dosso as in Denmark, Holland, France, Czeck Republic, Mexico, China and UK later in 2015.

- A ML & ET website

– the website will be the major collaborating platform for all the projects worldwide.

- A series of experimental images, installations and "ML & ET art-design products"

– the products will be developed for each culture BUT also projects and products from other cultures will be part of the next ML&ET EXPOes.

Micro Solarovens from India introduced in Africa

Possible temporary Micro house structures for Dosso in Africa - scar folding and old containers


- ML&ET another kind of project.....PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION