MERDE magic ART MONEY 2015

The MERDE magic collections MIX, FLY, HØ & PURPLE


This are 4 small collections of MERDE magic ART MONEY being exhibited at Gallery ART EXPO in Hørning in Denmark.....come and see them at the Gallery ART EXPO or see them here by clicking on each picture. There are more on the way.

The price for each pic is 200 - if you want them shipped you can, but you have to order a minimum of 10 pieces and pay for the freight, taxes and other expenses as well. You can also come to the Gallery ART EXPO and buy there or you can come to THE NPFLINT SPACE, Roarsvej 24, Copenhagen or Micro Macro Monce, Cormes, France (please ask for details and times)

Link to the ART MONEY EXHIBITION at Gallery ART EXPO in Hørning, Denmark

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