December 4th 2009 the company Fair Knowledge organized an event called “On the road to Ecotopia” .

The ECOTOPIA event was initiated in order to create more awareness of the need of developing and designing new positive “messages” around the challenges climate change establishes.

- CHRONICLES OF ECOTOPIA - COE was a kind of follow up on the event in London Dec. 4th. however organized by further 2 organizations, EEA and Micro Macro Monde. COE was more about showing actual as well as fictive / future projects around how to develop a future sustainable world.

From a Micro Macro Monde perspective the event went very well since it proved that there is a growing interest for doing “utopian” or new “role-model projects which will be able to show new ways - exactly like what we are trying to do with the MMM project in France.

I presented the WORLDBY video which you can see by clicking here . There will be a small report from COE on this site asap.