Welcome to Micro Macro Monde - MMM - a unique place on this planet that I bought 6 years ago to turn into a dream - now for parts are for sale or rent.

I cant manage the property and the MMM project by myself and therefore I am looking for partners OR to eventually sell the entire property.

The coming pages might seem as a very “unconventional” way of selling a property - the reason for this you might understand when having read through this.

There are 4 options:

  1. 1.you buy the entire property

  2. 2.you buy half the property

  3. 3.you rent part of the property on short or long term basis

  4. 4.you rent parts of the property

If you go for option 1 then please contact me on npflint@gmail.com or skype: npflint1

To see pictures from MMM - please click here.

If you go for the last 2 options please continue reading. 

Micro Macro Monde - MMM

If you could imagine yourself becoming part of an enriching, stimulating real-life experiment that will not only give you new kinds of possibilities here and now but also make sure that when you are old and less “capable” you have a fantastic place to live - a place which on top of it all could become the most sustainable place - at least in this part of the world - then MMM might be something for you to invest in - maybe buy half and lets work together on realizing a dream.

Sustainable artist retreat?

It could also be that you just want to rent part of an amazing property from time to time as a place to work, paint, write or whatever you feel like doing of maybe more artistic expression for a while - then you can rent for minimum 2 weeks - its basic and simple (compost toilet etc) and you cook for yourself, but internet is available. 

The concept and place is called Micro Macro Monde (MMM) - “a micro place with a macro impact”. You can read much more about it here on these pages.

My personal MMM concept in short:

To envision, design and build places on the planet where humans can explore, experiment & thrive in modern nomadic communities living in micro moveable houses and in general having as little “materialistic” impact as possible but with the best imaginable life quality.

How do you get involved?

If you are interested in becoming an MMM partner (can be done in various ways - and not totally defined yet - and yes I am still looking for a lawyer who would help with this work), or if you want to collaborate, live and maybe work full-time or part-time on a Micro Macro Monde project, OR you want to rent part of the existing buildings or buy / rent a MICRO LIVING house at the current MMM in France then you are welcome to get in touch....


If you are interested in exploring the old as well new ideas around MMM then maybe you should consider coming to France and more exact to an MMM OPEN HOUSE event which will be  happening on the old watermill Moulin de Planchette one hour and 30 minutes southwest of Paris.

There will be a series of new events / meeting / open house happening spring / summer 2014 - you can come and meet others who are interested in the MMM concept - or just come to see and rent or buy if you want. You stay for free but you pay for your own food and you bring your own “sleeping-gear” unless you come from very far away. It will be totally informal but surely with lots of nice food, wine, water, juices etc..

The address is Moulin de Planchette, 72400, Cormes, France - please see the map below.

The Realities:

Moulin de Planchette is for sale for 450.000 - now 379.000 € - its currently owned by me. The half for app. 175.000 €

The reason for buying the Moulin was exactly to make MMM. Now the time is ripe and MMM needs to get into action. So are you interested please get in contact.

If you want to see more images from MMM please click here, where you will find lots of photos from the past years at MMM. If want a more detailed prospect then please contact me and I will send you one.

The WORLDBY vision & MMM

Now Im not going to impose anything on anybody but I have of course through my past 30 years of work developed numerous ideas and concepts for how we can live in the future in new and very different ways. You can for example see the WORLDBY vision and film here. WORLDBY is a concept that has been shown on various exhibitions among others at the Art Museum in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates - some of these experiments could be integrated into the development of Micro Macro Monde - which as the original concept you can read more about here.


Micro Macro Monde

  1. -a micro place with a macro impact.......



Niels Peter Flint

Phone: +45 36934843

Skype: npflint1

Email: npflint@gmail.com