“MICROLIVING” is the story about how we can live in new  minimalistic, extravagant, joyful, dynamic, sustainable, ways. In other words, its about designing and building new ways of living. “MICRO LIVING” is about using a lot less matter but living with much higher “life quality” and in this way having a macro (low) impact. Or you could also say it in a different way – you allow others to get a piece of the cake.

Micro living as housing is becoming not only increasingly popular it also makes an amazing lot of sense. Using less matter means for example less square meters in your house to clean, heat / cool, but living MICRO is also using different in other ways. Its sharing your tools, washing machine, maybe your car, your dog and many other “commodities” that we today consider “musts” but that in a world of maybe 10 billion people is impossible no matter how eco we do it. Yes LESS can definitely be MORE – and therefore is the focus this year and possibly the many coming years at MICRO MACRO MONDE about dreaming, designing, experimenting and to a certain extend also living life more MICRO. 

MICRO MACRO MONDE is slowly turning into a proper experiment in how to live in different and new ways. MICRO LIVING makes an awful lot of sense.

Well lets start with ourselves - MICROYOU, our shelters MICROLIVING and our surroundings MICROMACROGROW. The intention is that we here at MICRO MACRO MONDE focus all activities on MICRO LIFE or MICROLIVING. You will hopefully see a lot of activities happening here on the site in relation to this topic over the coming years. Possibly there will also be books, videos and many other things coming out about how to live your life in radical new ways – MICRO LIFE is really about enjoying life to the fullest but doing it in total balance with the planet and all its other inhabitants.

A very important thing to remember to mention is that MMM is NOT a retreat center NOR a hotel, pension or anything like that. When you come here for courses and activities you will be part of the daily activities in various ways. In all courses are included time (a couple of hours every day) to for example help in the gardens, preparing food, building something - its all activities that are part of the process you probably or hopefully will go through while being here in getting to understand better the planet you live on. SO THEREFORE PLEASE DO RESPECT THAT THIS IS AN IMPORTANT COMPONENT OF WHAT HAPPENS AT MMM.

PLEASE ALSO READ THE PRATICALS, SINCE MMM IS ALSO NOT MAYBE THE DREAM YOU HAVE ABOUT PARADISE - however it is for others - we are all different and have different needs and dreams. Please check the videos etc. before you come so that you are sure that MMM is the right place for you - this is one of the reasons why we also ask you to make a small kind of application when you want to come here - MMM is NO ordinary place - its a place where everyone should be able to feel free BUT with the constrain that you take care and respect the wild as well as cultured nature, plants, animals etc - and your fellow beings of course.


MMM courses and activities - SUMMER 2016 - please be aware that dates are still not totally certain due to certain “technical issues” - please do e-mail if you are interested and you will get on a mailing list for the course you are interested in - email at end of page.

courses / activities 2016:


- build huts and temporary  houses / tents / earthcaves WHATEVER - we play with making “temporary art and houses” to live in - the structures will be offered to people coming to do courses during the summer - but they do not need to last for more than a summer BUT they have to be possible to “bio degrade” over the winter if they are not made to last.

  1. -2 weeks from July 3rd 2016

SENSUSTAINABILITY1 - the basics - our sensual life - Yoga and Pranayama and MICROLIVING with Niels Peter Flint &

  1. -10 days - from  mid July 1st 2016 - you can take 1 week as well and 2 weekends - or one weekend

SENSUSTAINABILITY2 - the next - our sensual and sexual life - YOGA, MASSAGE, Pranayama and MICROLIVING with Niels Peter Flint &

2 or 3 weeks - starting end July - more info will be available very soon -you can take one, two or three weeks as you like. Its a combination of holiday and workshop.



A project on the way - maybe this year - maybe next - read about it and if you feel like you could contribute please contact me by mail. En franchais clicque ici

      - for prices and practical issues in general please click here.

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