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Bruno Grondin - Le Age de Paille and Niels Peter Flint - Micro Macro Monde have started a collaboration in doing courses on strawbale construction. The courses will take place in Vaas and at Micro Macro Monde. The first courses was held April 28th to May 8th in Vaas and was in 3 modules (as will the next be) where the first 2 modules of 3 days each are with teachers and the last 3 days - the last module is for the people who wants to continue working on the house.

The second course will (PLEASE BE AWARE CHANGE OF DATES) be at Micro Macro Monde in end June (June 24th to July 3rd 2010) - and again in September 17th to 19th 2010 - Courses at MMM will be in french, english and danish - if needed. See the program for the days later in this article.

Bruno Grondins idea with making strawbale house is to show that it is possible to build inexpensive, efficient, healthy and not the least beautiful houses for very little money. The houses build this season will each be made for less than 2000 € in material costs.

Niels Peter Flints idea with making strawbale houses is very much the same as the one of Bruno, however there is also the MICRO dimension. MICRO living is one of the corner stone-“philosophies” of Micro Macro Monde. The houses to be build both in Vaas and at MMM have slightly less than 20 m2 foundation. The actual space available inside the houses will be according to the final designs and will be decided at a later point but due to the thickness of the walls which is app. 50 cm there will be a lot less space on the ground floor. Niels Peter will introduce the Micro Living perspectives through talks etc. but if you already now want to know more about the Micro Living aspects please have a look here - micro living.

The video above is about how Bruno Grondin has made his beautiful strawbale house in Vaas, Pays de Loire, FRANCE...you can also see it in a better version if you click here

If you want to see the videos from the first course in Vaas - please have a look here:

If you are interested in one of these courses please contact us asap - there is only room for maximum 15 persons on each course. The program is available here on the this site as well as in french on http://lagedepaille.free.fr/

For “the practicals” regarding lodging, food etc. and prices please click here:

The tentative program for the 3 modules:

A mix of theoretical and practical simulations and experiments in building a straw bale house – in this case at MMM in France. You will be working in groups with each one teacher.

The course is divided into 3 modules:

1st module (21 h): Thursday, June 24th to Saturday June 26th

Day 1: 7 am

Making foundation of tire: time 2 hours per group.

Developed by Mickaël Reynold, the "Earthships" (http://earthship.org/testimonials/my-hero-project-michael-reynolds-garbage-warrior) the foundations and basement for the building we will make his principles based on using old tires will be used.

Making beams and columns: time 2.5 hours per group.

The construction used for the house is known as "Nebraska". It must be rigid and identical. It’s the base for the walls and made from wood.

Workshop manufacturing shingles cracked: time 2.5 hours per group.

Throughout the training we learn to make split wooden shingles made from chestnut. 1st day, learning to crack.

2nd and 3rd day (14h):

- Continuation of workshops from the day before.

- Making the straw and wood structure.

The straw bales are sorted and stacked. The poles are placed where the openings will be.

Installation of the wall cap and straps.

Click the straps on to compress the walls.

Laying the roof. It is composed of chestnut poles (log) and prepared in advance.

Sunday, June 27th  FREE

2nd module (21h) Monday 28th to Wednesday, June 30th

Laying the the roof.

The roof is reinforced with reeds, a cloth, bundles of straw and locally grown bamboos are placed as rafters.

The exterior coated. Coatings of the outside should be very resistant. It is made in a special way using chalk, sand and earth.

Workshop manufacturing shingles cracked: time 6h group.

We split over 2000 shingles for the roof..

Shingling – putting the shingles on the roof structure.

Interior coatings – made from earth – clay walls / earth plaster.

Soil preparation for the clay is made.

The soil is be prepared beforehand.

3rd module (21h) EXTRA + FREE: July 1st-3rd

Development module (optional)

 Installation of the south gable,

 Earth plaster finish,

Various other matters to complete (land preparation outside, lime, straw etc.)

You are welcome to contact either Bruno for further explanation in French of Niels Peter for English / danish - if you need you can call NPF on Skype at npflint1 or on his danish number +45-36934843 or on his french landline  +33(0)962352020.

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