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Bienvenue sur la page CLUB micro macro monde, nous sommes en pleine dynamique de construction en francais. Si tu veux un avant goût, tu peux regarder la video en bas ou clic ici pour le activite en franchais.

  1. -Le jardin medicinales / Micro Medicine

  2. -le maison de paille

  3. -le jour de plantation

Welcome to the CLUB micro macro monde. This page is under construction but here will be more material after February 14th 2010 - untill then you can have a look at the video below (in french) or you can go to npflint tv and see a lot more - in english and soon danish too.

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Image: MMM, 1,5 hours south west of Paris, France

CLUB Micro Macro Monde – CLUB MMM

Introduction to Micro Macro Monde

By Niels Peter Flint  from 2010

What is Micro Macro Monde?

MMM is a place for exploring new aspects of modern life in the ultimate sustainable and enjoyable ways.

We as humans are always looking for innovative new and exiting ideas to stimulate our ever more demanding lifestyles on planet Earth. However now time is ripe for big changes and challenges in order to get our world into some kind of balance again. There are amazing possibilities that have never been explored and there are colossal amounts of creative energy out there which is only to be ignited and maybe directed a bit in order to go new and sustainable ways.

Business of tomorrow is not just about making more economical profits for shareholders – its about making new norms for quality life based on sustainable production and consumption as well as responsible profit making and that will evidently look and feel very different.

Our modern especially western developed societies will have to change dramatically, but only for the better if we do it right. We have all the possibilities to design a new and sustainable world, which in fusions of old and new technologies, old and new philosophies will no doubt look very different in many areas and in others maybe almost ancient. The creative possibilities are enormous. They need to be explored – the platforms for the explorations is what MMM is about.

The first MMM center is placed in France on a beautiful piece of land with an old water mill and 1,5 hours south west of Paris (not on a horse) and by airship app. 30 min. - the next MMM center might be very close to you.

What is MMM? - the vision...

THE MMM centers will become places where you can come and get inspiration by visiting or living and working for shorter or longer periods. Its not a regular hotel nor a retreat - its for people who can see and feel the big perspectives in life and in the universe but who maybe needs grounding and seeing how things could work in real life you could call it DEEP LIVING – the MMMs are real-life laboratories or platforms for creative experimental exploration of new sustainable lifestyle concepts. One of the most prominent ones is MICRO LIVING, which you can read a lot more about later.

The MMM centers will become places where business people or the industry will meet art, design, architecture and the more immaterial dimensions of life – but in the ultimate sustainable setting.

The MMM centers will be a new kind of fusion-platform of “developing knowledge”, and “learning by doing centers” – with a kind of touch or slightly inspired by many other projects from all over the planet.

If you want to read more about Micro Macro Monde please go to


CLUB MMM is for the people who would like to help MMM become a reality. there are different ways to be part of CLUB MMM. As a starting point its free to be part of CLUB MMM, but you are welcome to donate any amount OR to become a supporting member, corperate member etc.

All member fees will be used to develop the MMM concept further and the influx will be used for fx. Planting trees, building new experimental buildings, making ateliers & workshops and many other things.

CLUB MMM memberships

CLUB MMM VOLUNTEER – you spend a minimum of 80 hours helping in a year and you get the right to have a small garden at MMM. Helping means anything you like to do and are good in. Of course there are also things that just needs to get done such as turning the compost or other maybe less attractive things – these will be shared the best way possible.

CLUB MMM JARDIN – you rent a piece of land at MMM. 50 gardens will be rented out at 300 m2 each for 300 € a year. As a CLUB MMM GARDEN member you will get discount in various ways on either activities held at MMM or on products sold at the gallery called the NPFlint Space.

Also there will be courses for y to learn about organic gardening and many other issues – some will be free – some you will have to pay for.

CLUB MMM SUPPORT – you pay a membership of min 200 € and you get the possibility to come for a weekend in the winter season or one night stay in the summer season during the week in one of the Micro Living houses or ath Moulin it self. The stay does not include food.

CLUB MMM COORPERATE SPONSOR – you pay a minimum of 2000 € and you get one day at MMM for fx. A company picnic for maximum 100 persons. The day includes a lecture / tour on the property by Niels Peter Flint in french, english, italian, german, swedish or danish. Various possiblities for organic food can be arranged from raw food to the amazing sausages from the local butcher grilled on open fire.

CLUB MMM MICRO LIVING  you are part of a Micro Living house – you build it and live in a shared basis..or by yourself. Please read more about Micro Living at - micro living.

The MMM CLUB PARTIES....over the summer there will be parties at MMM with music, food etc. for MMM members.

THE MMM SPA building CLUB – the first thing will be the sauna. A community around the pleasures of doing sauna, swet lodging, massages and other ”hydro or spa related therapies”. Being a MMM SPA building CLUB member means you can use the facilities – when they have been build – and the idea is that you are part of that. The membership is free if are part of building the MMM SPA – otherwise you will have to pay a not yet decided fee for using these facilities.

CLUB Micro Macro Monde DAYS & WEEKENDS

-as any CLUB MMM member you can come to various events and weekends where you come to enjoy life on MMM but also help on the centre to do various ”learning by doing” projects. You can follow what activities will happen in the monthly MMM weekends either on-line direct on the website or by recieving a monthly newsletter from MMM.

-There activities  happening during so called CLUB MMM weekends will vary and also you are more than welcome as a member to propose something yourself. Below you can see some of the themes for weekends in 2010. The days and weekends are generally free and materials will be provided. Drinks will be available too but no food.

-Some of the weekends will include a party.

MICRO LIVING – come and be part of building:

-a strawbale house

-a recycled materials house

-an underground house

-a totally expressive house

please read more about MICRO LIVING here

THE LAKE – we build the natural swimming lake

The SAUNA-BREAD OVEN-GREENHOUSE project – a project for the MMM SPA building CLUB and guests. We build this unit together based on a concept developed by Niels Peter Flint and secret gueststars. The project will happen over several weekends possibly and start with a kind of design workshop where the concept is explained and discussed and the final design made.

If you have old windows or other materials that can be used please bring them – when you have been part of this project you can come and use the oven and the sauna at agreed timings.

The COMPOST-BIOGAS-KITCHEN-TOILET project. This is also a project we build together based on a concept developed by Niels Peter Flint and secret gueststars. The project will for sure happen over several weekend and starts with a kind of design workshop where the concept is explained and discussed and the final design made.

GROW – plant trees and learn about the possibilities trees give us not just for fruits, but also as timber and maybe even as friends – when you have been part of the tree planting you get the right to come and pick fruits once a year from the trees you plant + please give the trees names – and registrate them.

BEES – we cant live without them – everything about bees and how to make honey and what honey can be used for...we work with this theme for a day.

RAW – make it raw eat it raw – the easiest way to be really healthy and get happy food. We learn how to make rawfood and we eat it too. This will be both day and weekend sessions.

THE MMM GARDENS – there will be as many sessions as possible about gardening and farming. These will be announced when available.

”Le Club MMM MANGERI” – come for dinners – private parties where experimental cooking is done...with a focus on RAW food...this will be a special club for all the CONSCIOUS HOLISTIC HEDONISTS. Its PURE PLEASURE and DEEP LIVING in fusion. These sessions will happen all the time – please see website for when and what will be on in ”Le Club MMM MANGERI”.


The intention is that there will be various exhibitions happening at MMM – the themes could be the following for the coming years:








NPF last revised February 5th 2010.